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KB Gold
Product - Gold Money - KB Gold   

Exchange paper money for gold money (999.9 kine-bar grade gold bullion)
1. The rarest, purest, highest grade, counterfeit proof store of value in the world
2. KB is a category creator - private global currency - small more transaction friendly weights
3. KB account holders have a gold account - exchange gold for products and services - worldwide Merchant Program

Gold has outperformed every asset class since 1969
1. Gold's average annual return = 11% (What interest rate is your bank paying you on that CD?)
2. Gold - 12 month return = 20%
24 month return =37%
5 year return = 250%
10 year return = 700%
3. Historically - gold is a great asset to own and a reliable store of value.

Gold is a great way to create insurance or a hedge against inflation.
Experts are advising their clients to have at least 5% - 25% of their assets in precious metals as a hedge against inflation.

The last 24 months - from June 2009 – June 2011 - The US Dollar - lost over 40% of its purchasing power. It takes more
paper money to purchase the things we need.

Effects of Inflation on raw materials:
Wheat prices up 52%, cotton gaining 177%, corn gaining 72%, soybeans gaining 49%, coffee gaining 86%, orange juice
gaining 37%, and sugar gaining 86%.

Resulting in higher grocery and clothing prices

From June 2009 – June 2011 - Gold prices are up 37%

If you could exchange your paper money that is losing purchasing power for gold money that is increasing – dramatically -
in purchasing power.
Do you think that is wise thing to do based on this evidence? KB account holders are leveraged to gold. If inflation goes up -
so does your account value.

Opportunity - KB Affiliates get paid to help people save "real" money and secure their financial future - 1 gram at a time.
How would you like to get a customer acquisition bonus up to $950?
How would you like up to 5.5% commissions when people exchange paper money for gold money?

No costs to open an account as a Customer, an Affiliate or both.

No Set Up Fees, No purchase requirements, No annual renewal fees, and No website fees! In fact you can fully participate
in KB’s referral rewards program without buying a single thing.

20 second brief KB Vision overview
Call: 1–330–439–2039 *No code required
Cash flow increases your ability to achieve many financial goals. Goals that our system is
designed to rapidly accelerate include:

1) 100% mortgage and non-mortgage debt elimination
2) Cash flow maximization
3) Faster and safer investing
4) Credit score enhancement
5) Financial safety and peace of mind
6) Lifestyle preservation and enhancement
7) Proper education to share with future generations

We help you accomplish your financial goals through free education and by showing you
how to easily use a revolutionary 7 point system that will create a much healthier
relationship with the banks.

Register Now for an Online Training

We earn revenue by providing ongoing personalized coaching and support to ensure
the techniques taught in our free classes are used correctly and safely in a plan.

VIP is. . .
-NOT a retirement product
-NOT a credit repair program
-NOT a debt settlement program
-NOT a debt consolidation program
-NOT a refinance of your current loans
-NOT a multilevel company or software product

NOTE: VIP does NOT. . .damage your credit scores like the above mentioned programs
can. Should a member of our coaching program need help maximizing their credit
scores, we will even provide access to our 760 Club™ at no charge.
To help every woman to understand that she is a mystery! I invite women to read short stories about love,
perception of life, happiness, humor, about the ability to purify the soul for the new feelings of joy and you may
understand yourself and those around you that you love and who are dear to you better.
The new global currency...
There was a time when gold was money. The world's major economies have
experienced a rapid money supply growth of 10 % plus per annum in recent
years, and it is not backed up by gold, as in 'the good old days'. But the yellow
metal is returning as a store of value when everything else seems risky.
Watch our 4 minute Intro Presentation
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